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Dr. OG's Flex Balm
Margit Strieter
Found this at the right time!

I have been having pain in my lower back and hip so I thought I would try DR. OG'S FLEX BALM since I was online ordering Rose Glow Scrub. I am so happy that I really helped lessen the pain.

LOVE this scrub

I love everything about Rose Glow scrub. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and the light rose fragrance is perfect.

This is medicine at so many layers

I absolutely LOVE this product! This is by far the most potent magical effective ROSE product I have ever used. Aromatherapy alone is a healing treat! HIGHLY recommend. the best stress calming medicine.

Dr. OG's Flex Balm
Anna Mae Wilson
Helps a lot

I have arthritis in both knees and this stuff really helps me out a lot. After I get out the bathtub in the morning before work I rub my knees , legs , ankles and feet. I get a very strong but good sensation from this rub and it really helps me get through the day. It doesn't get rid of the pain completely but this medicine is strong enough to help me get through my day. I'm on my feet for 8 to 10 hours every day thanks a lot I really enjoy and will be ordering more soon thank you.

The best rose oil

I love this oil. It’s so luxurious. It smells amazing. Leaves my skin with a beautiful glow but is not greasy. I get so many compliments when I wear it. I wish it came in a bigger bottle.

some of the tea are going down the water, filter holes need to be smaller

Skin is in love

My skin loves this so much, not surprised. I’m an oatmeal, shea butter baby so this blend is just perfect. It’s soothing and relaxing. No more roughness on my skin, it’s even more soft than it was before I started this lotion. Thank youuuu Ayoni 🥰💜

My gasshhhhh

Obsessed is the word! I roll on everyday, smell myself and go “heavenly” 😂🥰
Compliments unending. These natural products are the best. Highly highly recommended

Tropical Turmeric Whipped Soap + Scrub
Lola Adamson
Soooo Soothing

OMG this scrub, the best I’ve used in a while. The texture is perfect, not harsh and leaves the skin smooth.
I was wondering if it would stain the tub but nope, a good rinse after shower works fine.
Loooove the scent and the fact that it lathers is a huge plus.
Well done Ayoni, you nailed this.

Snickerdoodle Vegan Whipped Body Butter
Great product

The butter smells so great! It’s fluffy and not greasy! I love it!

Soap and Scrub

Exfoliating is REALLY important, I try to always get my face but admittedly do a poor job of exfoliating my body, this scrub is amazing, smells amazing, and problem areas like my elbows and legs are no longer problem areas at all 10 out of five stars!

Amazing product

So glad this was added to the line up of products. I've used a number of different beard balms and serums, and I personally like this product the best. It doesn't have extra, unnecessary additives in it. All natural and smells great! Leaves my beard soft and shines all day.

Top Tier Products

I add a couple drops of this great smelling oil to my facial lotion just like Dr. OG suggests. My face has been clear, non oily and non greasy since I've added this oil to my facial regimen. My face hasn't built up as much sweat like it use to either! Super grateful for AyoniWellness. These products are apart of my every day lifestyle now!!!

Smooth and invigorating

I love the consistency of this product. It’s really exfoliating, yet gentle and smooths and softens my skin. It’s invigorating to the senses and a nice pick me up in the morning.

Snickerdoodle Vegan Whipped Body Butter

Not only am I nice and moisturized, but I smell good enough to eat. Snickerdoodle is in my top 3.

Plant ParentHood - Washable Kraft Paper Tote Bag

Organic ImmuniTea

Received my order and it was a revelation, right from the packaging to the taste and aroma of all the blends.

Wetin Mango Do - Vegan Whipped Body Butter
Lisa Jackson
Smells Amazing!

Love it! Not to fruity, it’s just right 💕

Rose Hips Don’t Lie Vegan Whipped Body Butter
Lisa Jackson
Melts like Butter!

The best body crème ever❤️

Amber + Rose Vegan Whipped Body Butter
Lisa Jackson
Amazing 🤩

Love love love! Smells amazing and lasts forever. Hate to wash if off 🥴 This is my 2nd order and I’ll definitely be back for more ❤️

Love love love

I was given a sample of this scrub and it is top tier, it smells so good & the lather is amazing! I’m coming back to purchase the full size very soon & a little goes a long way!

I am HOOKED on the Honeysuckle Rose Botanical Infused Body Glow Oil! I have very sensitive skin and I add it to my Unscented lotion for added moisturizing. It spreads so well and is such a great consistency. Love how it feels on my skin. The smell is amazing and not overpowering at all. I buy this product in pairs to ensure I don’t run out before my next purchase. Highly reccommend!

Rose Hips Don’t Lie Vegan Whipped Body Butter
Sarah Duvivier
Best Body Butter

I have made 3+ orders of this product... so far that is! I love the way it smells and makes my skin feel. The packaging is so well thought out and beautifully intentional! Would def recommend! <3

Wetin Mango Do - Vegan Whipped Body Butter
Rob Dixon
Love the smell!

I cannot get enough of the body butters, not even going to lie. This mango smells too good. I love these products !! 10/10 recommend

Snickerdoodle Vegan Whipped Body Butter

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE THE SMELL! I just bought one container almost 2 weeks ago and it’s almost gone. I love it on my skin and plan on buying way more when its restocked. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! Also keeps my skin moisturized.