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Fantastic Product

Before using this product my edges were thinning. After using this product I have seen growth in my edges, so much that my barber is even able to line up my hairline to its original location. It has a nice smell and leaves my hair soft and shining all day. Will definitely recommend it to anyone having hairline issues.

Essential For Your Hair Routine!

All I can say is Dr. OG has skills. I don't know what it is about this product but I love the way my hair responds after applying the Souffle to it. My hair immediately absorbs it all, no lumps, its non greasy. Its the perfect product packed with so many natural hair growth ingredients. I've been pairing it alongside the botanical hair growth oil for the max results. I have definitely seen improvement in my length. My hair is thicker and fuller. I don't have many split ends like I use to either. I've been rocking the Fro for years now, but haven't really took proper care of my hair until I started learning how to and finding the best products. This is definitely a must.

This Is Necessary !

So I've been using this oil since August of 2022. I can noticeably see the difference in my hair length. Looking back on old photos, my hair is now thicker, fuller and retaining length. I really like the simple fact that there's all natural ingredients in the oil. It does everything its suppose to, lock in moisture and feed the roots the nutrients it needs to grow. Been pairing this with the Chebe Curl Souffle. Bomb ass combo.

Soft Life

I figured I'd try Soft Life since I've already tried Enjoyment & Wetin Mango and really liked those two. Soft Life has such a pleasing smell to it. It's like you can smell it over and over again. Not gonna lie I've caught myself sniffing my forearm just so I can get a whiff of it lmaoo. I really can't describe how good it smells, you just have to try it. I use it right after getting out the shower. My skin stays moisturized all day. This product is everything.

This is that heat!

Soon as I read the name I knew this scent was going to be fire. This is now my all time favorite in the body butters. Top Tier, Definitely for the grown and sexy. Morning Teakwood has that profound scent that just compliments a masculine physique. Nothing short of perfect. This is what you need!

Konenki Tea
Rebecca Donnelly
verified menopausal person likes it!

I really think the konecki tea is what interrupted the hot flashes I was having. I drank it regularly for a few weeks and haven't had any warm moments since then.

Organic Purple Haze Tea
Rebecca Donnelly
Ready to Relax

The purple haze herbal tea is powerful. If you are ready to let go a little and relax, check out the purple haze blend.

Dr. OG's Flex Balm
Rebecca Donnelly
We Love This Stuff!

We stocked a few of these in our healing center in late 2022 and they flew off the shelf. Waiting for a restock! Everyone loves it! It smells and feels amazing! We have been using it for muscular pain.

Does what it claims to do

This is my third time buying this product and I could not be more satisfied. It moisturizes and softens my skin, leaving it soft and supple. I am a customer for life!


I love this scent and everyone loves it on me. Once I roll it on-all throughout the day people compliment and ask me what perfume I am wearing. This oil is divine!

I don’t have eczema but this soothes my hardworking hands!

I’m in healthcare and this time of year is particularly harsh on the hands with the cold weather and all of the washing and hand sanitizer. I keep it in my pocket and use it during the day. Softens and soothes!

Best body butter!

I’ve tried a lot of whipped shea body butters and this one is the perfect consistency. It goes on smoothly and absorbs well into my skin. It’s not overly oily so it doesn’t get all over your clothes. Really lovely product and I feel good that it comes in a glass container!

Plant ParentHood Tote Bag
Jeanna Riscigno
Great Quality

My new favorite grocery bag!

Good so far!

I’ve used this oil once. I liked the herbal smell and texture. Looking forward to using more and hopefully helping my thinning hair shed less!

No words for this beauty

There is no perfect word to describe how awesome this scrub is. It smells like heaven coated in all the good things of the earth. I literally want to eat myself after having my shower with this. It smells so good and leaves your skin smooth and soft. Any product coming from this brand is nothing short of excellence.

Ayoni Wellness Gift Card
Andrea Sauer
Menopause Tea amazing!

I took a class with Dr. Ezi at Full Moon Acupuncture and Apothecary learning about menopause and she was amazing. Her knowledge of both Western medicine and then all of her knowledge as an herbalist directly complement each other. She has worked hard to create a tea that addresses a lot of the less than wonderful symptoms of menopause. I ordered two bags of the tea and it has been fantastic! I am nourishing my body naturally with plants that have been used for centuries to address these symptoms AND Dr.Ezi has worked hard to create the perfect blend! Yay!!!


Okay so yesterday was my first time using it. First of all, the smell!!! My goodness the smell got me floating on the clouds. The texture is just right, sinks well into my scalp and hair, it isn’t harsh and no lumps sitting around waiting to be pressed into my hair. Again the smell, my hair feels and smells so good.

Trio - Vegan Whipped Body Butter

I’m in loveeeeeee with all three of these body butters. I received so many compliments and it lasts all day. I can’t wait to buy this in bulk. I use it everyday.

Rose Glow Flower Infused Body Oil
Thommy D
The gift that keeps giving

I came to know Ayoni at a Blkassflea market event and sent some rose body oil to some family in Montreal Canada… let’s just say they made me send them a 5 pack including extra flavors this time.. 5 stars


At this point, you reading have to believe me when I say get everything this brand sells. This product is amazing. Unlike other brands, it leaves no residue and has a good smell. It works. Get this now!

Ojia Foster
Silk excellence

You need to experience this whipped silk, premium luxury most affordable. Smooth like butter melts like rich ice cream.

Relief has Come....

Great product, not greasy and offered good itch relief. I suffer from ecezma and now that the itching has stopped I look forward to the healing to begin. So glad to have been introduced to your product.


Through the week I have gotten plenty of compliments and questions at work of what “perfume”I'm wearing by my coworkers. They are shocked when I tell them it’s shea butter. The shea butter also isn’t lasting long in my house due to my family using it now.
I love snickerdoodle!

An essential component

I love all the body butters that I’ve purchased. Those other mall chain brands don’t compare. My skin is nice and moisturized when I use Ayoni Wellness products.

Dr. OG's Flex Balm
Margit Strieter
Found this at the right time!

I have been having pain in my lower back and hip so I thought I would try DR. OG'S FLEX BALM since I was online ordering Rose Glow Scrub. I am so happy that I really helped lessen the pain.