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My name is Dr. OG. I’m pharmacist and herbalist. I was born in Nigeria, West Africa and migrated to the United States at 7 year old.

Growing up in Nigeria, I would see my grandma using herbs as part of her holistic healing process. This memory stayed with me throughout my years. I studied Chemistry in college and went on to graduate school to earn my Doctor of Pharmacy degree with an additional specialization in Pharmacotherapy.

Despite my clinical background, there was always something missing. I took up a rewarding journey of traveling the world, researching traditional herbalism and holistic natural healing practices among different cultures.

I am currently a clinical pharmacist in a hospital setting. I also teach and volunteer at a local non-profit organic herbal farm. Because of my unique Pharmacy and Farming background, I’m lovingly nicknamed, “Big Farma”

Ayoni is a Yoruba word that translates to “it is all joy”. Each product from my Apothecary is intentionally made with love from my own hands, and in small batches.

I formulate bath+body products for people who read ingredient labels and daily essentials for the ethical go-getter. I work on purpose with respect to nature, good manufacturing practices and humanity.

Ayoni Wellness was created from a personal passion for intentional health and beauty formulations that are science backed and designed to support your Mind, Body and Soul.

I believe that everything holds energy, and what we take into our bodies should serve our highest good. Keep it simple. Keep it natural.

If you’ve read this far, thank you thank you thank you for your support & let’s connect!

To learn more about me, follow my journey on social media, @ayoniwellness.

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  • Nwosu Friday

    This is inspiring.

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